During their three year lifespan the Bo Street Runners produced an EP and four singles. During the intervening years most of thses tracks have reappeared on numerous compilation albums, a pirate copy of the EP has appeared and two of the singles re-released.


Spring 1964,

Bo Street Runners EP - Oak Records: RGJ 131

Love to You
Lonely Avenue
Bo Street Runner
Shame, Shame, Shame

Pirated version released 2001(?) on Beat Records: BREP 1

September 1964,

Bo Street Runner - Decca Records - Decca F 11986

B-side, Tell Me

February 1965,

Tell Me What You Gonna Do - Columbia Records - DB 7488

B-Side I do Just What I Want

June 1965

Baby Never Say Goodbye - Columbia Records - DB 7640

B-side Get out Of my Way

April 1966

Baby You Can Drive My Car - Columbia Records - DB 7901

B-side She's So Very Woman

Compilation Albums

Sixties Lost and Found

- See For Miles Records - CM 126 - 1983

Ready Steady Win!

- See For Miles Records - SEE 202 - 1987

I just want…

- Jukebox Records, Paris - 2000


BO STREET RUNNERS : Bo Street Runner (version 1) / I Just Want To Make Love To You / Shame , Shame , Shame / The Lonely Avenue / Tell Me / Bo Street Runner (version 2) / Tell Me What You’re Gonna Do / And I Do Just What I Want / Baby Never Say Goodbye / Get Out Of My Way / Drive My Car / So Very Woman / Love / Jump Back / Shimmy Shimmy Ko-ko-bop

This CD has all the tracks ever recorded by the Bo Street Runners plus three songs released by Mike Patto that were in fact recorded by the Runners.

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