Welcome to the Bo Street Runners story

What's this all about?

Like it says, this is all about a 60's band that called themselves the Bo Street Runners. The site has been compiled by one of the original band members Gareth 'Gary' Thomas. It attempts to tell the true story, warts n'all, of the rise and fall of the group and to correct some of the innacuracies that can be found elsewhere relating to the band.

Bo Street Runners, you will find this site interesting if………….


*you were a fan of the Bo Street Runners

*you played in one of the Bo Street Runners line-ups

*you are a record collector of 60's RnB

*you were connected to the Bo Street Runners as a promotor, manager or producer

*you are interested in 60's RnB music etc. etc

*you want to find out more about 60's Mod culture

*you're fan of Mick Fleetwood!

Stop Press! November 2012. Bo Street Runners ride again with a new recording, 'I'm A Road Runner' go to 21st Century Runners for details or //http://soundcloud.com/zoot-root/road-runner to listen and download.
AND NOW! March 2013 on YouTube,

NOVEMBER 2014 Compilation CD of all the band's recordings released by Cherry Red Records entitled 'Never Say Goodbye' Details at: http://www.cherryred.co.uk/shopexd.asp?id=4896

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